Mousescrappers’ Design Challenge 31

For my second foray into the digital scrapbook design world and my second submission to Mousescrappers’ Design Challenge, I experimented with Adobe Photoshop styles and explored Adobe Illustrator. As I am still very much a Photoshop novice, I definitely don’t have the skill set to try my hand at making my own styles. Rather than embarrass myself, I decided to download free styles and to purchase additional styles specifically designed for scrapbooking. Oh, how addictive and fun styles are! While playing with the styles, I learned two very important lessons. One, if there are directions, read them; if there are videos, watch them! Two, if a style has both a style and an action, make sure that the action in the action panel and the style in the styles panel match.

At this point, my favorite style designers are:

Mommyish (any and all types of styles)

Studio Flergs (metals and glitter)

Sahin Designs (a little bit of everything)

As an introduction to Adobe Illustrator, I watched Adobe Illustrator CS6 for Beginners, a series of 79 very short (approximately 5 minutes each) and very basic tutorials. These videos assume that the viewer has absolutely no experience with Adobe Illustrator, making them a perfect introductory course of me. As a follow-up to these tutorials, I am currently watching Adobe Illustrator for Beginners, which provides just a little bit more indepth detail for each topic. By following the directions from these videos, I was able to make a few simple elements and patterns from scratch: a trash can, a trolley car, balloons, and a star paper pattern.

The color scheme for this challenge is blue, red, green, and gray. After some thought, I decided on Main Street as the theme. Here’s a preview of my portion of the Design Challenge kit.  The only way to get this kit is to participate in the Design Challenge.



Even though only those who participated in the Design Challenge are eligible to receive the kit above, everyone can grab this mini-kit. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to contact me with any quality issues or feedback and share any layouts that you may make with it.


Main Street Sweets


If you are a Spanish speaker, Roxana translated several journal cards and word art bits into Spanish.


Spanish Journal Cards and Word Art

Alphabet- Spanish

If you haven’t tried your hand at designing for this challenge before, cast your fears aside and join the group. It is easier than you think. You can learn more about the challenges at Mousescrappers’ Design Challenge.

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